Latin America and the Caribbean

Regional Documents:

  Date Published Title Author
January 30, 2017Financial Deepening in MexicoAlexander Herman ; Alexander D Klemm
2017Latin America and Caribbean Funding Chart
2017Problem Loans in the Caribbean: Determinants, Impact and Strategies for ResolutionKimberly Beaton, Thomas Dowling, Dmitriy Kovtun, Franz Loyola, Alla Myrvoda, Joel Okwuokei, Inci Otker and Jarkko Turunen
January 2017Benefits of Global and Regional Financial Integration in Latin AmericaLuc Eyraud, Diva Singh, and Bennett Sutton
November 17, 2016Non-Performing Loans in the ECCU : Determinants and Macroeconomic ImpactIMF
July 24, 2016The Deregularization of Land TitlesSebastian Galiani, Ernesto Schargrodsky
2016Reverting to Informality: Unregistered Property Transactions and the Erosion of the Titling Reform in PeruItalo A. Gutierrez and Oswaldo Molina
2016Latin America - Mortgage as a percent of GDP 2015Hofinet
2016Latin America - Urbanization 2015Hofinet
2016Latin America - Urbanization vs. Mortgage 2015Hofinet
2016Latin America - Real GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016Latin America - Mortgage vs. GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016Latin America - Mortgage vs. GDP per capita 2015Hofinet
2016Advancing Financial Development in Latin America and the CaribbeanDyna Heng, Anna Ivanova, Rodrigo Mariscal, Uma Ramakrishnan, Joyce Cheng Wong
2016IMF Report: Belize
2015A Rising US$750 Billion Market: Unlocking Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid in Latin America and the CaribbeanAzevedo, Viviane M. R. Baigún, Alejandra Bouillón Buendia, César Patricio Duke, Duncan Gallardo Montoya, María Lourdes
2015Financial Inclusion: Zooming in on Latin AmericaEra Dabla-Norris, Yixi Deng, Anna Ivanova, Izabela Karpowicz, Filiz Unsal, Eva VanLeemput, and Joyce Wong
2014Surveillance of Mortgage Credit The Approach of the Banking RegulatorEric Parrado
2014Many Paths to a HomeInter-American Development Bank
2014The Bahamas 2013 Article IV ConsultationIMF
2014The Mexican Mortgage Market: Has the Ship Come In?David Dale-Johnson and Gene Towle
2014Housing Sector Reporte Conavi mensual Enero 2014SEDATU and CONAVI
2013Mortgage Lending in MexicoABM
2013Credit Growth in Latin America: Financial Development or Credit Boom?Niels-Jakob Harbo Hansen
2013Financial Interconnectedness and Financial Sector Reforms in the Caribbean Sumiko Ogawa
2012Latin America: Vulnerabilities Under Construction?Luis Cubeddu
2012Mobilizing Long Term Resources for Housing Finance: Trials, Errors and Achievements in LACOlivier Hassler
2012Housing Finance in Central America: What is Holding It Back?Francisco Sancho, Luis Rivera, and Julio Rosales
2012Mexico: Finance System Stability AssessmentInternational Monetary Fund
2012Housing, Mexico's Strategic Driving ForceABM
2012Dynamic Loan Loss Provisioning: Simulations on Effectiveness and Guide to ImplementationTorsten Wezel
2012Regional Economic Outlook: Western Hemisphere - See Chapter 5: Keeping an Eye on Housing Markets in Latin America.International Monetary Fund
2012The Financial Behavior of Rural Residents: Findings from Five Latin American CountriesJacqueline Urquizo
2012Room for Development: Housing Markets in Latin America and the Caribbean - Executive SummaryInter - American Development Bank
2012Latin American Tax Transactions Guide
2011BBVA Latin America ForecastBanco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, S.A.
2011Policy Instruments To Lean Against The Wind In Latin AmericaGilbert Terrier
2011Situación InmobiliariaAnálisis Económico
2011BBVA Latin America ForecstBBVA
2011Residential Mortage Debt to GDP Ratio, Latin AmericaHOFINET
2011Mortgage Sector Annual Percentage Change, Latin AmericaHOFINET
2011The Housing Transition in Mexico: Expanding Access to Housing FinancePaavo Monkkonen
2011International Capital Flows and House Prices: Theory and EvidenceJack Favilukis
2011The Missing Foundations of Housing Finance: Incomplete Markets, Fragmented Policies and Emerging Solutions in GuatemalaMario Cuevas, Sigfrido Lée and María Isabel Bonilla
2010The Global Credit Crunch and Foreign Banks‘ Lending to Emerging Markets: Why Did Latin America Fare Better?Herman Kamil and Kulwant Rai
2010Monitoreo de la Región: Mercado HipotecarioTitularizadora Colombiana
2010Housing Finance in LAC Countries: Opportunities After the CrisisMarja Hoek-Smit
2010Financial Integration and Foreign Banks in Latin AmericaArturo J. Galindo, Alejandro Izquierdo, and Liliana Rojas-Suárez
2010Housing Policy in BelizeShlomo Angel
2009Mexico's Mortgage 2009 Annual ReportMexican Mortgage Association
2009Financial Innovations and Developments in Housing Finance in MexicoJazmin Carballo-Huerta and Juan Pedro Gonzalez-Ibarra
2008The role of housing fi nance in addressing the needs of the urban poor: lessons from Central AmericaAlfredo Stein and Irene Vance
2008Housing Finance Mechanisms in PeruUN Habitat
2007Securitisation in Latin AmericaMichela Scatigna and Camilo E Tovar
2007Promoting Private Sector Participation in Low-Income Housing Finance: Diagnosis and Policy Recommendations for Latin America Remy Cohen
2005The Socio-Economic Impact of Favela-Bairro: What do the Data Say?Fabio Soares and Yuri Soares
2005Building Sustainable Housing Finance Markets: Proceedings of The Housing Finance Roundtable in the Andean RegionGerardo M. Gonzalez
2002El crédito hipotecario y el acceso a la vivienda para los hogares de menores ingresos en América LatinaGerardo M. Gonzales Arrieta
1998Latin American Securitization: The Case of the Disappearing Political RiskClaire A. Hill
Innovative Experiences In Access to FinanceAugusto de la Torre
Banco Central de Chile FSR 2017Banco Central de Chile
Housing Finance in Latin AmericaFrank Warnock