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2/18/2020 Institute for Urban Economics Presents Housing and Urban Planning Research on Russian Metropolitan Areas  Russian Federation 
12/19/2017 Accepting Applications for IHFP 2018   
12/18/2017 CNB increases Countercyclical Buffer Rate  Czech Republic 
8/2/2017 Housing and the tax system: how large are the distortions in the euro area?  Housing Finance Policy  
6/5/2017 Fannie Mae DTI Announcement Housing Finance Policy  
11/30/2016 European Systemic Risk Board Issues Eight Warnings on Medium-Term Residential Real Estate Vulnerabilities Comparing Housing Finance Systems  
11/29/2016 Structured Finance Industry Group issues latest Green Paper: RMBS 3.0 Funding Housing Finance United States 
10/31/2016 European Systemic Risk Board Makes Recommendations on Closing Real Estate Data Gaps Housing Finance and the Economy  
8/10/2016 Kenya Approves Bill to Cap Interest Rates  Housing Finance Policy Kenya 
7/26/2016 Draft of the UN Habitat III New Urban Agenda Released Housing Finance Policy  
7/21/2016 Britain’s House of Lords Concludes its Inquiry in the Housing Sector Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
7/12/2016 US Government Warns about Increased Risks Related to Commercial Real Estate Lending Housing Finance and the Economy United States 
6/14/2016 BSP Releases Results of the RREPI Index for the Philippines Using Information from Banks' Housing Loan Applications Housing Finance and the Economy Philippines 
11/19/2015 Greek Agreement on Mortgage NPLs Housing Finance Policy Greece 
11/3/2015 Freddie Mac Reports Third Quarter 2015 Net Loss Housing Finance Policy United States 
9/10/2015 Brazil Announces Minha Casa Minha Vida 3 Funding Housing Finance Brazil 
9/5/2015 Poland’s Controversy about Law to Convert Foreign Currency Mortgages  Housing Finance Policy Poland 
7/10/2015 Increase in South Korean Residential Mortgage-Securitization Housing Finance and the Economy Korea, Republic of 
7/1/2015 The Russian Federation Establishes a Single Development Institute for the Housing Sector Funding Housing Finance Poland 
5/7/2015 The Global Findex Database 2014    
3/6/2015 Nigerian Mortgage Refinancing Company Open For Business Funding Housing Finance Nigeria 
2/4/2015 Ireland Proposes Stricter Mortgage Regulations Housing Finance Policy Ireland 
2/4/2015 Mexico's Infonavit Will Offer Fixed-Rate Mortgages Without a Cap on Size Funding Housing Finance Mexico  
10/23/2014 US Federal Agencies Final Risk Retention Rule for Sponsors of Mortgage-backed Securities Funding Housing Finance United States 
8/25/2014 Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen on the US Labor Market and Inflation Housing Finance and the Economy United States 
6/30/2014 Basel Committee: Review of the Pillar 3 disclosure requirements - consultative document Retail Housing Finance  
6/27/2014 Bank of England Imposes Limits on Mortgage Borrowing Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
6/27/2014 Bank of England Given Explicit Powers to Deal with Housing Bubbles Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
5/2/2014 Joint Paper by the European Central Bank and Bank of England on the Securitization Market in the EU Funding Housing Finance  
4/25/2014 Microfinance: Learning from Developing Countries — and Past Experience Retail Housing Finance  
3/24/2014 Conavi release Mexico's Housing Sector Monthly Report for March 2014 Housing Finance and the Economy Mexico  
3/17/2014 2012-2013 English Housing Survey Results  Housing Finance and the Economy United Kingdom 
3/17/2014 SEC Proposes Rules for Systemically Important and Security-Based Swap Clearing Agencies Housing Finance Policy United States 
2/4/2014 European Union issued Directive on Credit Agreements Relating to Immovable Property Housing Finance Policy  
1/23/2014 Basel Committee Endorses Proposals on a Common Definition of the Leverage Ratio and Changes to the Net Stable Funding Ratio Housing Finance Policy  
1/17/2014 Reserve Bank of India Moves to Open Up Access to Financial Services Retail Housing Finance, Funding Housing Finance, Housing Finance Policy India 
1/14/2014 UK Housing Recovery Broadens with Increased House Prices  United Kingdom 
12/16/2013 HUD Releases 'Qualified Mortgage' Definition Retail Housing Finance United States 
12/12/2013 Federal Agencies Issue Final Rules Implementing the “Volcker Rule” Housing Finance Policy United States 
12/12/2013 Government of South Africa Moves to Protect Consumers and Assist Over-Indebted Households  South Africa 
11/25/2013 Brazil’s Housing Deficit Figures Show Improvement  Brazil 
11/18/2013 Deutsche Bundesbank Sees Possible Overvaluation of Residential Property in German Cities  Germany 
11/14/2013 David Miles: Housing, Leverage and Stability in the Wider Economy Housing Finance and the Economy, Housing Finance Policy  
10/30/2013 OCC and FDIC Propose Rule to Strengthen Liquidity Risk Management Housing Finance Policy United States 
10/24/2013 Outlook for Russia’s Housing and Mortgage Market, Q1 2013  Russian Federation 
10/24/2013 The European Central Bank Starts Bank Stress Tests   
10/23/2013 U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook   United States 
9/30/2013 Signs that India is Opening up to Foreign Investment  India 
9/23/2013 Mexican Government’s Stimulus Measures Target Housing and Infrastructure Sectors  Mexico  
9/18/2013 Country Change Readiness Index   
9/16/2013 Important Policy Papers on Macroprudential Policy Housing Finance Policy  
8/28/2013 A New Qualified Residential Mortgage Rule for the US? Housing Finance Policy  
8/20/2013 Fed Paper on Internal Capital Planning Procedures at Large Bank Holding Companies Housing Finance Policy  
8/20/2013 Bank of International Settlements Regulatory Guidelines for the Mortgage Insurance Industry Retail Housing Finance  
8/10/2013 An Important Step Toward Global Property Measurement Standards Housing Finance Policy  
8/6/2013 Canada's CMHC to Cap Its Guarantees to Issuers of NHA MBS to C$350 Million for the Remainder of 2013  Canada 
7/10/2013 US Dodd-Frank Mortgage Rules Readiness Guide Housing Finance Policy United States 
7/3/2013 Fed Approves Final Rule on Capital Requirements Housing Finance Policy United States 
6/26/2013 US Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Market Coming Back  United States 
6/25/2013 Focus on House Prices in OECD Countries   
6/1/2013 Update on Poland's Real Estate Market for Q1 2013  Poland 
5/23/2013 High Home-Ownership Rate Has an Adverse Effect on the Labor Market   
4/19/2013 Home Ownership in England and Wales Falls for the First Time Since 1918  Housing Finance and the Economy, Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
4/12/2013 Oxford Economics Study Reaffirms the Negative Impact of Increased Bank Capital and Liquidity Requirements on Economic Growth    
3/29/2013 The UK’s FSA Finalized Rules and Regulations for Financial Benchmarks  United Kingdom 
3/29/2013 Nigeria’s Central Bank Approves Framework for a Mortgage Refinance Company  Nigeria 
3/1/2013 The State Council of China Issued a Statement on New Policies to Limit further House Price Increases  China 
2/26/2013 US Bipartisan Policy Center Commission Recommends New Systems for Housing Finance and Federal Rental Assistance  United States 
2/8/2013 The European Union Has A House Price Index   
1/9/2013 U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Announces Qualified Mortgage Guidelines Retail Housing Finance  
1/7/2013 Basel III: The Liquidity Coverage Ratio and liquidity risk monitoring tools   
1/4/2013 Deputy Governor of the Bank of Japan Highlights Demographic Trends as Key Drivers of Property Price Movements  Japan 
12/17/2012 Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Announces Corporate Bond Framework   
12/4/2012 Operating Principles and Areas of Exploration in the Regulation of the Cross-Border OTC Derivatives Market   
11/16/2012 FreddieMac: Economic and Housing Market Outlook Compared to What a Healthy Housing Market Should Look Like  United States 
11/16/2012 FHA’s Assets Will Not Cover Projected Losses and May Need Bail-out  United States 
10/31/2012 Hong Kong Levies 15% Tax on Property Purchases by Foreigners  Hong Kong SAR, China 
10/28/2012 Financial Services Authority (UK) Confirms New Rules for the Mortgage Market  United Kingdom 
10/23/2012 FHFA Releases White Paper on Proposed Common Securitization Platform Funding Housing Finance United States 
10/9/2012 Governor of Bank of England Assesses Twenty Years of Inflation Targeting   
9/26/2012 France Nationalizes Its Second Largest Mortgage Lender  France 
9/17/2012 First SEC Registered Covered Bonds Sale in the US by RBC  Canada, United States 
9/17/2012 FED Will Buy More Than Half of All Agency MBS until Labor Markets Improve  United States 
9/17/2012 Government of Brazil Injects New Capital into CAIXA  Brazil 
9/14/2012 Center for Responsible Lending Issues a Brief on Potential Negative Impact of a Government Mandated 10 Percent Down-Payment   United States 
9/12/2012 Global Housing Cycles   
8/20/2012 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes Rules to Bring Greater Accountability to Mortgage Market Retail Housing Finance United States 
8/20/2012  The US Treasury Takes Steps to Expedite Wind Down of FNMA and Freddie Mac  United States 
8/16/2012 Six US Regulators Announce Common Appraisal Rules for High Risk Mortgages  United States 
8/13/2012 US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Proposes New Mortgage Servicing Rules  United States 
8/9/2012 FHFA Refused Proposed Principle Reduction Program for Underwater Borrowers  United States 
8/8/2012 European Parliament Delays Vote on Proposed Directive on Mortgage Regulation until December 2012   
8/8/2012 A Long-Term View of France’s Home Prices  France 
8/7/2012 Indian Central Bank Modifies Rules Governing Non-Bank Financial Company - Micro-Finance Institutions  India 
7/30/2012 Center for Responsible Lending says No Credit Crunch as a Result of Consumer Protection Reforms included in Dodd-Frank   
7/26/2012 Underestimating Supply Constraints in the UK Housing Market  United Kingdom 
7/17/2012 Social Performance Taskforce Finalizes Universal Standards for Social Performance Management for Microfinance Institutions Retail Housing Finance, Housing Finance Policy  
7/5/2012 US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Issues Study on Reverse Mortgages  United States 
7/2/2012 Saudi Arabia Approves Mortgage Law  Saudi Arabia 
6/21/2012 Canada Announces Tightening of Mortgage Rules  Canada 
6/21/2012 Brazil Increases Maximum Amortization Term  Brazil 
5/30/2012 Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on Credit Agreements Relating to Residential Property Housing Finance Policy  
5/16/2012 US: FHFA Releases Draft Strategic Plan for Public Comment  United States 
5/10/2012 Brazil Moves to Index "Poupança" Interest Rates on the SELIC Rate  Brazil 
4/27/2012 FSB Announces Next Round of Principles for Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices Housing Finance Policy  
4/13/2012 U.S. Moves Closer To Mortgage Writedowns  United States 
4/4/2012 Canada: Enhanced Oversight of the Mortgage Insurance Industry and Progress on the Legislative Framework for Mortgage Bonds  Canada 
3/14/2012 UK’s FSA Publishes Mortgage Sector Statistics for 2010 Q3 to 2011 Q4  United Kingdom 
3/2/2012 Speech: National Balance Sheets and Macro Policy: Lessons from the Past  United Kingdom 
2/3/2012 UK’s FSA issues Mortgage Market Review: Proposed Package of Reforms Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
1/10/2012 FED Issues White Paper on Housing Market and Related Policy Considerations  United States 
12/9/2011 Russia’s AHML Announces 2nd Quarter Mortgage Market Results  Russian Federation 
11/23/2011 David Miles Speech on Mortgages, Housing and Monetary Policy  Housing Finance Policy United Kingdom 
11/3/2011 UK’s Financial Service Authority (FSA) Proposes Guidance on Structured Products  United Kingdom 
10/31/2011 G20 Finance Ministers Agree on High-Level Financial Consumer Protection Principles Housing Finance Policy  
10/27/2011 Islamic Financial Services Board Actions Addresses IFIs Liquidity Constraints   
10/27/2011 Brazil Expands Secondary Mortgage Market  Brazil 
10/26/2011 FSB Releases Consultation Paper on Principles for Sound Residential Mortgage Underwriting Practices Housing Finance Policy  
10/20/2011 First Status Report on Basel II, Basel 2.5 and Basel III Implementation Housing Finance Policy  
10/20/2011 Freddie Mac Shows Upswing in Rental Market in USA   United States 
10/11/2011 Economic Costs and Benefits of BIS Proposals to Increase Capital Requirements for Large Global Banks   
9/19/2011 Renewed Commitment by Members of the African Union for Housing Finance   South Africa 
9/15/2011 US and European Union Move Forward on Legislation Concerning Mortgage Credit   
9/15/2011 European Commission Proposal for Banking Regulation - CRD IV   
8/30/2011 Nigeria’s Central Bank Leads Housing Finance Sector Reform  Nigeria 
8/5/2011 The US Congress Joint Committee on Taxation releases two comprehensive reports on the taxation of debt Housing Finance Policy  
8/1/2011 Brazil’s Caixa Issues First RMBS   Brazil 
7/18/2011 European Banking Authority Publishes the EU-Wide Stress Test Aggregate Report   
7/5/2011 Korea’s Financial Services Commission Announces Tighter Regulations on Household Loans   Korea, Republic of 
6/28/2011 Mexico’s SHF to Eliminate UDI Loans in 2011  Mexico  
6/28/2011 UK Financial Services Authority Releases Document on its Approach to Regulation and Consumer Protection  United Kingdom 
6/3/2011 U.S. Congressional Budget Office Testified on Several Topics Related to the Government’s Mortgage Programs Housing Finance Policy United States 
5/23/2011 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Proposes Rules to Improve Transparency & Integrity of Credit Ratings   
5/15/2011 The Reserve Bank of India Proposes Regulation on the Micro-Finance Sector  India 
5/13/2011 Fannie Mae Reports a Net Loss of $6.5 Billion for the First Quarter   
5/12/2011 Freddie Mac Releases May 2011 U.S. Economic & Housing Market Outlook  United States 
5/12/2011 Fiserv Releases Analysis of U.S. Home Price Indexes   
5/11/2011 The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Seeks Public Comment to Assist in Study on Assigned Credit Ratings   
5/10/2011 UN-Habitat Publishes Policy Guide to Rental Housing in Developing Countries  Housing Finance Policy  
4/25/2011 FSB Publishes a Background Note on Shadow Banking Housing Finance Policy  
3/24/2011 FSB Publishes Peer Review on Residential Mortgage Underwriting and Origination Practices  Housing Finance Policy  
3/18/2011 Financial Services Authority Publishes Prudential Risk Outlook 2011   
2/14/2011 Reforming America’s Housing Finance Market: A Report to Congress  United States 
1/27/2011 Patterns of Global Urban Expansion: Implications for the Future Housing Finance and the Economy  
1/7/2011 Basel Committee Releases "A Global Regulatory Framework" Housing Finance Policy  
9/10/2010 Basel Committee Releases Microfinance Guidelines Retail Housing Finance  
7/2/2010 G20 Proposes Nine Principles for Innovative Financial Inclusion Retail Housing Finance  


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