The Housing Finance Sector data for Barbados extends back to 2000. Please click on the Research Center tab above to access data for previous years not shown.

Barbados : Statistical Data At-A-Glance
Total population.28 million2015WDI
Urban population (% of total)31.48% of total2015WDI
GDP, current prices (U.S. dollars)4,412 USD (millions)2015WEO
GDP based on PPP per capita GDP (Current international dollar)16,574.83 USD 2015WEO
Inflation, end of period consumer prices (Percent change)-.68%2015WEO
Average bank deposit rate1.32%2015IFS
Lending rate8.06%2015IFS
Owner-occupied units62.6% of total2010Barbados Statistical Service
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year in millions of USD:1,698.94 USD (millions)2015Central Bank of Barbados
Total amount of home mortgage loans outstanding at the end of year as % of GDP (current)38.51%2015WEO, Central Bank of Barbados
Typical LTV at origination952015Republic Bank, RBC Royal Bank, First Caribbean International Bank
Typical pmt-to-income ratio (HH income)33%1998Housing Finance and Housing Subsidies in Barbados Report by Marja Hoek-Smit, Douglas B. Diamond and Claude Bovet
Retail funding (deposits/other)primary2015Central Bank of Barbados
Wholesale funding: loans from other banks or corporationssecondary2015Central Bank of Barbados
Other tertiary2015National Housing Corporation
Typical number of days needed for the transfer of title1182015WDI