East Asia and the Pacific

Regional Documents:

  Date Published Title Author
March 2018F. BIS Quarterly Review: Asia Global Property Developers DebtBIS
2017East Asia Funding Chart
July 2016Vietnam Article IV Report 2016IMF
June 14, 2016Closing the Gap in Affordable Housing in the Philippines: Policy Paper for the National Summit On Housing and Urban DevelopmeWorld Bank
April 2016Building on Asia’s Strengths during Turbulent TimesIMF
2016Mongolian Subsidized Mortgage Scheme InfographicMongolian Mortgage Corporation
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Mortgage loans as a percent of GDP 2015Hofinet
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Urbanization 2015Hofinet
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Urban population vs. mortgage 2015Hofinet
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Real GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Mortgage vs. real GDP change 2015Hofinet
2016East Asia and the Pacific - Mortgage vs. GDP per capita 2015Hofinet
2016The Housing Challenge in Emerging AsiaAsian Development Bank Institute
2016BSP Releases Maiden Results of the Residential Real Estate Price Indices for the PhilippinesBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP)
2015Comparative Assessment of Macroprudential PoliciesValentina Bruno, Ilhyock Shim and Hyun Song Shin
2015Asian housing: Ride the cycleEnam Ahmed
2015Urbanization, Land Development, and Land Financing: Evidence from Chinese CitiesLin Ye
2015Fundamentals and the Volatility of Real Estate Prices in China: A Sequential Modelling StrategyYongheng Deng
2015Spatial Implications of the Current Chinese Land-tenure System and Impacts of Property Tax ReformVoith and Wong
2015Promoting Access and Affordability in Asia's Housing Finance Markets: IFC's Experience Rachel Freeman
2014Hong Kong: The Facts of Financial ServicesHong Kong Special Administrative Region Government
2013Housing Property Prices: Failing to See the Forest for the TreesSociété Générale
2013Determinants of UrbanizationAnett Hofmann
2013Microfinance in Myanmar Sector AssessmentEric Duflos
2012Weathering Financial Crises: Bond Markets in Asia and the PacificBank for International Settlements
2012Asia Pacific Regulatory Profiles - February 2012International Swaps and Derivatives Association
2012Determinants of Credit Growth and Interest Margins in the Philippines and AsiaTatum Blaise Pua Tan
2012The Evolution of Asian Financial Linkages: Key Determinants and the Role of PolicySelim Elekdag
2012Credit Access and Housing Consumption: The Case of the Housing Provident FundYilan Xu
2012Indonesia: Financial Sector Assessment Program - Basel Core Principles Assessment - Detailed Assessment of ComplianceInternational Monetary Fund
2012The Estimation of Owner Occupied Housing Indexes using the RPPI: The Case of TokyoChihiro Shimizu
2012Real Estate StatisticsMinistry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
2012Asian mortgage marketsMasahiro Kobayashi
2011International Capital Flows and House Prices: Theory and EvidenceJack Favilukis
2011Guidelines on Covered Bond IssuanceFinancial Services Commission & Financial Supervisory Service
2011Financial Measures to Support Normalization of Housing TransactionsFinancial Services Commission
2011Comprehensive Measures on Household DebtFinancial Services Commission & Financial Supervisory Service
2011Measures to Enhance Low-Income Households' Access to Financial ServicesFinancial Services Commission
2011Financial Integration and Rebalancing in AsiaInternational Monetary Fund
2010Post-Crisis Fiscal Policy Priorities for the ASEAN-5Nina Budina and Anita Tuladhar
2010Loan-to-Value Ratio as a Macroprudential Tool - Hong Kong SAR's Experience and Cross-Country EvidenceHong Kong Monetary Authority
2010Are House Prices Rising Too Fast in China?International Monetary Fund
2009The Housing Provident Fund Policy in China: Review and Future ReformChun Chen
2008The Indonesia Housing Finance SurveyNORC at the University of Chicago
2007The Housing Finance Sector in IndonesiaMarja Hoek-Smit
2007Housing Finance Agencies in AsiaMichael Davies, Jacob Gyntelberg and Eric Chan
2007Loss Given Default of High Loan-to-Value Residential MortgagesMin Qi and Xiaolong Yang
2006Housing Finance in East AsiaLoïc Chiquier
2006The Role of Government-supported Housing Finance Agencies in AsiaEric Chan, Michael Davies, Jacob Gyntelberg
2006Globalization and Localization: the Asian TigersRebecca L. H. Chiu
2005Estimating Imputed Rent for Owner-occupied Dwellings in the Japanese System of National AccountsHaruhito Arai
Mortgage Insurance: Enhancing Credit Risk Management in a Global Financial CenterKazutoshi Kuwahara
Republic of Fiji The National Housing Policy
Social and Economic Implications of Chinese Housing Provident Fund Program and Its Policy Transfer FailureMin Wang