Housing Finance Policy

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April 2016How Does Bank Capital Affect the Supply of Mortgages? Evidence from a Randomized ExperimentValentina Michelangeli and Enrico Sette
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2016OECD Policies to Promote Access to Housing OECD
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March 2015Next Steps in the Housing Finance Reform SagaSusan Wachter
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2014On security of collateral in Danish mortgage finance: a formula of property rights,incentives and market mechanismsKarin Haldrup
2014A blueprint for addressing the global affordable housing challengeJonathan Woetzel
June 2013Rethinking the FHAJoseph Gyourko
20122012 Article IV Consultation (Algeria)
2012Did Affordable Housing Legislation Contribute to the Subprime Securities Boom?Ruben Hernandez-Murillo
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Feburary 2016Commentary: UK Housing Market: Problems and PoliciesAngus Armstrong
Changes in Prudential Policy Instruments--Anew Cros--Country Database Eugenio Cerutti, Ricardo Correa, Elisabetta Fiorentino, and Esther Segalla
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